About Us

About Us

Launch Date: 2019

Pew.Deals is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to firearms, firearms accessories, outdoors equipment, miscellaneous firearms related materials, and
discussion forums. Founded in 2019 The idea came from various take downs on classified like websites and many listings on eBay
that were removed due to the poor attempt of enforcing updated Terms & Policies. 

Before any user can post on the site they must agree to terms and policies but none more importantly than that they will
follow all local, state, federal, and international laws, they will not use Pew.Deals for any illegal purposes, and several other
clauses releasing Pew.Deals and its operators from any liabilities caused to its service. The site is formatted with sections dedicated to each state in the United States and regions of those states so that buyers can find local sellers or traders. 
The sections are Firearms, Firearms accessories, Outdoors gear, Other items, Firearms related events, and Firearms services. The largest section is
Firearms which has subsections for antique firearms, handguns, muzzle loaders, National Firearms Act related firearms,
rifles, and shotguns. Each listing provides a location and a way to contact the seller and in many cases, picture of the

We'll be implementing a user verification system which differ regular users to those users who have been vetted. More details coming soon.

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